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Beginning in January 2010, Miles L Singer, DO founded Specialists in Spine Surgery. Dr. Singer specializes in spinal surgery and minimally invasive spinal procedures. Together with Stanley Lee in 2012, they are committed to provide patients with the highest quality care. Dr. Singer and Dr. Lee are committed to providing the highest level of care of their patients with spinal disorders. Providing objectivity and transparency in evidence-based spinal medicine and surgery empowers patients to make an educated decision about their treatment.


frequently asked questions

  • dentalWhat is the process to address my concerns?

    First, you will be asked for a complete physical history of your condition. This may begin by filling out a written form that asks you questions relating to your pain.

  • medicineWhat should I be prepared to discuss?

    - When did the pain begin?
    - Was there an injury that could be related to the pain?
    - Where do you feel the pain? What is the intensity?
    - Does the pain radiate to other parts of the body?
    - What factors make the pain feel better or worse?
    - Have you had an injury or surgery to your back or neck?
    - Have you had problems with your bladder or bowels?
    - Is there a history of osteoporosis in your family?

  • dentalWhat is the cause of the pain/discomfort I am feeling?

    The more information you share with the provider, the easier your problem will be to diagnose. Your physical history is important because it helps your doctor understand when the pain began, anything that could have caused an injury, your lifestyle, physical factors that might be causing the pain, and your family history of similar problems.

  • medicineHow do you decide the best treatment option for me?

    First, he or she must determine the source of your problem beginning with a physical exam. You may be asked to take a variety of common diagnostic tests: X-ray, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan, CAT (Computer Assisted Tomography) Scan, Myelogram, Bone Scan, EMG (Electrodiagnostic Study), Facet Joint Block. Certain laboratory tests, such as a blood test, may be done to check for problems that are not related to deterioration of the spine. Such tests can help identify such problems as infection, arthritis, cancer, or aneurysm.

  • medicineWhat surgical services do you offer?

    For more information, please visit our   Surgical Servicespage.

  • medicineWhat is your experience with treatments you recommend?

    Please see a detailed account of   Dr. Singer and   Dr. Lee'sexperience via their resumes.

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